We are Drunk

We are drunk America.  Blotto drunk on the dark toxic cocktail of fear, bigotry and hatred that our politicians and the media have been giving us a good long drink of, every chance they get, for far too long now.  

We are so freaking blotto drunk on that dark cocktail, we just nominated the two most unpopular candidates in the history of this country.    How drunk is that? 

Some have become so intoxicated on that cocktail, they rant and rave about illegals being rapists, we allow while frat boy rapists to get off with slap on the wrist sentences.  

Some have become so intoxicated on that dark dank cocktail, they think nothing of telling American citizens they don't agree with to get out of the country.  And actually cheering when a Presidential nominee suggests deporting one.  How freaking drunk is that?  

Some are so deliciously intoxicated by this vicious mixture, they proudly proclaim what a wonderful Christian nation we are, while treating the poor in a way that would have appalled Christ back in the day he was said to be feeding the multitudes, and telling people in person to love their neighbors.

Some are so stupid drunk, they scream, "Speak American!"  A language that doesn't even exist, while trying to elect a man whose wife speaks with a foreign accent.  They even tell Native Americans they shouldn't speak their own language, while screaming bloody murder about how THEIR right to Freedom Of Speech is being infringed upon.  That's not just drunk, that's totally fucked up. 

America, we need to sober the hell up, and figure out how to deal with the nightmare hangover our drunken binge has brought us, before we do destroy our country, and ourselves it in that drunken binge.  

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