Janis Ian Banned From Facebook

I woke up this morning to discover world renown songwriter Janis Ian has been banned from Facebook for speaking out against Nazis and White Supremacy in America.  Now first of all let me explain that happened because some of Trump's supporters took exception to her standing against the Nazis and White Supremacists supporting him, complained, and Janis got the usual 3 day suspension of her account.  Which is why from now on I'll be posting via my own website, then sharing it to Facebook.  The trolls have learned to use Facebook's policies to their advantage and have anyone they don't like banned.  That's fine, in the end, those trolls with be the death of Facebook unless Facebook changes its policies so that innocent people who are doing nothing more than speaking out against White Supremacy and Nazis can continue to do so.  

And yes, if you have a swastika tattooed on your dumb bald head, or any other part of your body, or on your armband, then you are a freaking Nazi!  Facebook can ban me for saying that if they so desire.  I'll be damned if I will ignore obvious signs, like swastikas tattooed on their heads and other body parts, and on their armbands.  I may be blind in one eye, but I can still see well enough out of the other one to know a freaking Nazi when I see one running around with a swastika clearly displayed on their body, and/or clothing.  That's called a really good clue when you see that. 

Right now I am tying to help Janis by contacting Facebook and complaining about her being banned, as well as trying to contact Dan Rather to let him know what has happened and beg him to tackle this issue.  I suggest anyone who loves Janis please do the same.  I would recommend that any person who writes please get your own non Facebook blog or webpage because the White Supremacists and Nazis are going to continue to shut down those speaking out against them by taking advantage of Facebook's policies.  

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