It's spreading

When I see people go into a babbling incoherent rant over a swear word, while expressing their own burning desire to kill "Dirty Liberals" and others they don't agree with, it does makes me wonder for a moment if the conspiracy theorists are right, and those chemtrails really are driving some of us crazy.  Or are they really putting something in our food and/or water that is causing people to actually be proud of being a violent illiterate babbling idiot?  And WTF could be in chemtrails, water, or our food that produces a person so fucking fundamentally stupid, they can't even turn on spellcheck?   How can you be smart enough to get online and find the comments section, but too stupid to turn on spellcheck?  They Google everything else under the sun.  Why don't they ever think to Google "How do I turn on spellcheck so I don't look like an ignorant babbling idiot in the comments section?"  

I keep spellcheck on, and autocorrect on some programs I use, even if autocorrect does think I say duck a lot.  I do turn autocorrect off in programs I write in because I don't say duck a whole lot when writing.  In fact, I have probably said duck more right now than ever before.  I do however say fuck, and other bad words at times.  Like when I read a comment from some incoherent babbling idiot doing everything but yelling, "Kill! Kill! Kill!", while being offended by another writer's language.  Sadly, I fear there is no cure for whatever has turned some people into violent incoherent babbling idiots.  What's scary is the rate at which it is spreading across this country, as well as others. 

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