And I will call him God!

In a voice dripping in sarcasm, let me just say I am so freaking glad to find out there is no drought in California, and that if he is elected President, Trump is going to turn the water back on in California.  I'm not sure who turned it off, and why everybody, including a lot of people in California have been lying about there being a drought, but I am sure glad Trump straightened us all out on that.  You people in California need to stop complaining about a damn non existent drought, get on Trump's band wagon, and get that water turned back on!  No wonder so many love this man!  All Moses did was part the waters, all Jesus did was turn it into wine, but Trump can turn the water in California back on!  Tell you what, when he does that, when he PROVES there was no drought, and he turns the water in California back on, and the people are like rejoicing under sprinklers, I'll bow down to him and call him God!  Yes I will.  In the meantime, ya'll quit lying about a drought that doesn't exist. 

Now if you will excuse me, I need to go pry my tongue out of my cheek, and turn off sarcasm faucet.  

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