Defend Yourself Ladies!

Dear women of America,

There is NO safe space except that which you make for yourself.  One Republican Politician has already grabbed a woman by her genitals, then laughed about it, said he doesn't have to be politically correct anymore, and that is would be his word against hers.  Fortunately, surveillance cameras caught him in the act, and proved just how freaking disgusting that man is, and what he believes is acceptable now that Trump has been elected.  

My advice to every woman reading this is get some pepper spray, and/or a gun, and God damn well defend yourselves against anyone who assaults you in this manner.  STOP crying, STOP asking for a safe space that doesn't exist in this country, and never really has for women, or any minority.  Otherwise, yes, you will one day find yourself as nothing but a sexual slave to Republican men who believe Trump's Presidency allows them to openly assault you now.  Buck up ladies, and DEFEND yourselves.  

Start pepper spraying, and if necessary, shooting men who openly assault you in the name of Trump.  That's the ONLY way these type of men will learn to respect you because violence is ALL they respect.  Now show them what you are made of, and damn defend yourself.  Start openly carrying that pepper spray, and if it is legal, a gun, and let it be known you WILL use them to defend yourself because thanks to Trump, you are now a target for any man who wants to grab your genitals anytime he wants to.  Only YOU can stop that.  The laws are being changed as we speak to protect rapists more and more.  Now get a clue.  ARM yourselves ladies, with pepper spray, guns, whatever it takes to protect yourself. 

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