Why I don’t bitch about people on SNAP buying a steak

To all those screaming “Support Our Farmers” while also bitching about people using SNAP and other programs to buy things like steak, and even vegetables with, here’s the thing, a person buying a steak and/or vegetables while using SNAP or some other program is doing more to support farmers, than those screaming idiots who are sucking down expensive lattes while shaming them.  You really want to support the farmers and ranchers, then STOP bitching when a person on SNAP or some other program is doing exactly that. 

If people REALLY wanted to support farmers, they would be demanding SNAP and other programs be allowed to be used to buy produce and meat from local Farmer’s Markets.  But oh hell no!  Instead, anyone caught using such a program at a local Farmer’s Market is SHAMED because why didn’t they buy something cheaper, somewhere else? So no, don’t expect me to be happy about having to help bail out our farmers when so many have done nothing but bitch about and shame those who actually want a steak, and some good fresh organic vegetables.  I would much rather see a person on SNAP eating a locally raised steak and locally grown organic vegetables, than the damn unhealthy processed food the latte drinkers and government are trying to insure is the ONLY food they can eat. 

So, when I see a person buying steak, shrimp, or even lobster at the store while using SNAP, I am not the least bit inclined to shame them.  After all, when they do that, they are supporting farmers, as well as fishermen.  Same thing when I see them actually being able to use SNAP or some other program at a Farmers Market.  But you latte drinking hypocrites keep shaming them for doing that, while you cry about supporting the farmers.

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