Down The Rabbit Hole

It’s been awhile since I posted anything in my blog but the time has come to return to my web roots and get back to being BB.  So.....

Good morning world.  As I sip my first cup of tea and read the news I am once more struck by just how far down the rabbit hole Team Trump has already dragged us.  This descent started with shit like the Bowling Green Massacre that never happened, and was followed by Team Trump giving us further crap like the phrase “Alternate Facts”.  Oh man the Cheshire Cat smiled ever so big when they presented phrase to us.  That’s when I started searching for the caterpillar with the hookah.

And now, American citizens are holding DIY Russian flag signs thanking Russia for hacking the election, ABOVE an American flag.  Which yeah, was probably made in China.  Alex Jones unsuccessfully tried to start a 2nd Civil War, and is now threatening Robert Mueller.  And honestly, when Alex Jones threatened the man who brought Gotti and Sammy The Bull down. Then the Prez sent a late night all caps tweet to Iran threatening war.  And I began searching even harder for the caterpillar with the hookah. 

Praise the Goddess late last night I finally found the caterpillar with the hookah because I really need that caterpillar as we continue our descent down into the rabbit hole created by the Bowling Green Massacre and other “Alternate Facts”, like tariffs are the best. 

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