When All Else Fails, Vote From The Rooftops


We have become a nation where bumper stickers and t-shirts encourage people with guns to cast their votes with a bullet from some rooftop.   A nation in which a Presidential Candidate slyly encourages some of his followers to cap his political opponent, and then claims he was talking about their votes, not their bullets.  We are now a nation in which Patriotism is defined by some as the desire to cast a vote with a bullet.  Yeah baby!  If you are not willing to crawl up on a rooftop and murder another human being whose politics does not agree with yours, then by God, you are just not very damn Patriotic. 

I can't help but think how people like Charles Whitman, aka The Texas Tower Sniper, Mark Essex, aka The Howard Johnson Sniper, and Micah Johnson, the man who shot those police officers in Dallas, must be cheering from their graves as they see those bumper stickers and t-shirts becoming ever more popular.  I can almost hear them yelling, "Yeah!  Climb up on that rooftop and shoot to kill!  It's the Patriotic thing to do now days!"  

And as I further reflect on how cold blooded murder done from a rooftop is being passed off as "Patriotic" I keep hearing Arlo Guthrie saying as he sang Alice's Restaurant, "And I started yelling KILL! KILL! KILL Then somebody came over, pinned a medal on me, and said You're our boy!"  I think that comes to mind because sadly, there are far too many "Patriotic" people out there who would gladly pin a medal on a person if they climbed up on a rooftop and shot Obama and/or Hillary.   Hell some of them would be yelling "Praise Jesus!"  That's right, some would praise the name of a man who preached peace and love, if Obama or Hillary were to be gunned down in cold blood.  Which in my view, is really fucked up. 

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