Don't let her turn our children against us!

Those that want children educated, and not indoctrinated, are going to have to continue to #resist Betsy and her plans in every way we can.  Attending School Board Meetings and every school function possible is going to be very important if you do not want children indoctrinated into a religion they and their parents do not follow.  It is also going to be vitally important if you do not want Betsy turning Pagan and other non Christian children against their own parents.  And yes, that is what is going to happen if Betsy's plans are not thwarted by those who truly believe in things like Freedom of Religion, and Separation of Church and State.  Betsy is intent on seeing both of those concepts consigned to the trash heap.

It will be very subtle at first.  Children who aren't Christian will be given dirty looks if they don't bow their head in prayer to Betsy's God.  They will be given dirty looks and called unpatriotic if they do not recite the words Under God in the Pledge.    

Then it will become not so subtle.  Non Christian children will be taught the religion their parents follow is "wrong". That it is somehow bad, even evil.  They will be subtly taught to renounce that belief.  To in effect renounce their own parents, because they aren't Christian.  Yes, if we do not thwart her plans, Betsy will turn non Christian children against their own parents, and even grandparents should those parents and grandparents not follow the path of Christianity.  

Eventually, children who do wish to bow their head to a God they and their parents do not worship will be chastised by teachers, and ostracized by their fellow students once she fully implements her plan to drag all of America into "God's Kingdom", whether they want to go there, or not.  

True Freedom of Religion will be destroyed, the wall between Church and State will be torn down unless those of us who value those two concepts fight with all our might to keep them intact.  We cannot allow Betsy to turn non Christian children against their own parents simply because she believes in her own version of God, and His "Kingdom". 

Non Christian parents, and grandparents better understand if they don't fight her, one day they are going to wake up and discover their children and grandchildren have been turned against them.  So if you are a non Christian, or even a Christian parent or grandparent who believes in Separation of Church and State, you better gird your loins and do battle right damn now.  Before it's too late.

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