Never Tell A Witch To Bow Down

Yo!  Omarosa.  Listen up you pathetic zombiefied brain dead sorry ass excuse for a human being.  Your people spent years in chains, bowing down to their Masters.  Their backs often covered in scars from that Master's whip.  And you have the damn audacity to say those who disagree with him, are going to bow down to President Trump.  If there really is a Christian hell, I hope Beezie has a really special spot in it for you.   I really do, because you deserve it for betraying your people like that.  Cupcake, this is America, and slavery has been outlawed. Nobody has to bow down to ANY man or woman.  Not even your chosen Master.

Yes, they enslaved your people.  They tortured mine in the most horrible ways known to mankind before they burned, drowned or hung them.  In fact, you silly little wench, the BDSM toys I am sure your chosen Master so loves ALL date back to those burning times.  And you have the gall to tell me I'm going to bow down your chosen Master.  Cupcake, I don't think so.  Not in this lifetime, or any other.  I'm not a granddaughter of a witch they didn't burn.  I'm the reincarnated spirit of one of those they did burn.  You can torture me, you can burn me, or hang me, or drown me, but with my dying breath, I will tell you go fuck yourself before I bow down to your chosen Master.  

I suggest you take that desire to see the rest of us bow down to your chosen Master, and without the use of analease or any other lubricant, but seasoned well with salt, shove it up his ass.  Then turn around, bend over, make like a contortionist, and again, without analease or other lubricant, but seasoned well with salt, shove it up yours.  Yes, I know all about the salt thing.  See, before they were using it to season the whip marks on the backs of your people, they were using it on mine to insure their whips, and other devices of torture brought the maximum amount of pain.  They sometimes salted Pears of Anguish before using them.  As well as the tips of the spikes in Iron Maidens.  And you think your Chosen Master can make me bow down to him.   You stupid little twit brain. 

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