Turn It Back

Turn it back.  That is what I'm recommending we do to survive the Trump Presidency.  Turning it back is something a lot of Witches believe in doing when bad shit happens to us.  There are lots of Magickal ways we do this.  I'm not going to go into those though.  See, it's not always about Magick with us.  We are, for all our Mystical Magickal ways, a very pragmatic bunch.  That may seem like a paradox or oxymoron to some.  But really, it's not.  Especially, when it comes to survival.  We learned real quick spells didn't save us from dungeons, fires, and hangman's noose.  So we got really down to earth pragmatic about surviving in a hostile environment.  And make no mistake about this, even before Trump, we were already still surviving in a sometimes very hostile environment.  

Turning it back, through spells, and in a very real way is one way we have survived. That's what we need to do again, in a very real way.  Take those Religious Liberty Laws they have passed and are going to pass more of.  Everybody is freaking out.  But, the law cuts both ways.  Never forget that.  Wicca is a recognized religion in this country, therefore Religious Liberty, also applies to us.  Now if merely providing birth control through a healthcare plan violates the religious right of a Christian business owner, then forcing a child to bow his or head head in school, and pray to God he or she does not follow, and whose parents do not follow, most assuredly violates the hell out of that child's Religious Liberty.  Think about it.  The Supreme Court already set this up. 

Now when it comes to what everybody can do about some of this other bad shit going down, I recommend learning from the Tea Party.  When it comes my bunch, you might say we are the original grass roots organization.  We normally operate as quietly as possible though because we are still a religious minority, surviving in a still hostile environment.  But, even so, we can get things done.  Like have our religion recognized, and be allowed to use a pentacle on the gravestone of Pagan Veterans.  We won the right to do that in 2007 after a LONG and bitter battle.  However, if enough people of all religions, all walks of life band together, and do like we did, only a lot louder, like the Tea Party did, we can get shit done.   Which is again, in effect, turning their own tactics back on them.  

Now one thing about Pagans, we are for the most part, one of the most accepting and inclusive bunch of people there is.  There can be a lot infighting at times over "the right way" to do a spell or ritual, or be a Witch or a Druid or a Whatever.  I will admit that.  But, we don't have any problem with gays, lesbians, bisexual, or transsexuals.  We just frankly don't give a bat's bony butt about that.  You are what you are.  That simple.  Which is why many of them are coming to our path.  We also have a Never Again The Burning Times For Anyone thing going for us, so we are a sanctuary for many who are at risk.  Witches know all about being at risk.  We'll put the infighting away, and band together very quickly when it comes to helping and protecting those at risk.  I am already seeing some articles encouraging people to seek help from us because of that.   And because we do know how to survive in a very hostile environment.  That's why I have written this.  I am doing my part to reach out and pass on what knowledge and help I can.  We are all in this together.  Let's all come together and help each other survive.  It's going to be a tough battle.  Some of us won't survive.  But, we can still survive as a whole, and in the end, win again.  See, what you have to understand is we believe life is a circle.  What goes around, comes around.  Call us foolish if you wish.  Just remember, we Witches are still here.  Despite the best attempts of some to exterminate us.  

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