BB’s Anti-E.Coli Movement has begun.

Dear HEB,

As much as I love shopping with you, and how you support local farmers and ranchers, and as fond of salads as I am, due to the fact our government is shutdown, and our food is not being inspected, I no longer feel comfortable buying ANY fresh produce that cannot be thoroughly cooked first. I’m sorry things have come to this, but I want to see my grandchildren grow up, not wind up dead because I ate a salad that is suppose to be good for me.

I fully understand this situation is not your fault. But, until food inspection begins again, I feel as if this is really my only option when it comes to eating healthy. After all, salads containing E.Coli are hardly healthy, and the risk of them containing E.Coli increase every day that our food is not being inspected. 

I’m also extremely uneasy about buying ground beef and poultry for that matter. I’m currently researching if cooking these meats thoroughly does eliminate the risk of food poisoning from them. No, I’m sorry, but I’m not just going to take your word that doing so will eliminate it. You have what is called a vested interest in telling me that, so....

Anyway, again, I’m sorry things have come to this, but as I said, I do want to see my grandchildren grow up when my son, who is in the AF, finally returns to this country with his family. At least right now I don’t have to worry about them dying from the food they eat in England. Let’s hope this shutdown ends soon, and American citizens can cease to wonder if what’s on our table is going to kill us before any terrorist or immigrant does. 

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