Drink These Tears!

For so long now I have watched certain Republicans openly gloat and enjoy the pain and despair of others. They said, “We love drinking your Liberal tears.” They FED on the pain of others. They ENJOYED “drinking the tears” of those in despair. They picked up and ran with the word “Deplorable”. Made it plain they LOVED being deplorable, while people lost their health insurance. They laughed and drank those tears of sorrow as POC were harassed and assaulted in our streets. They fucking CHEERED as Nazis marched in our streets and “Drank” the tears of those whose fathers and grandfathers went to war, and some died, fighting Nazis. They fucking rejoiced with every tear we shed about that. They “drank” every one of the tears of despair that have been shed. And laughed as they did so. 

I just hope they can take it, as well as they can dish it out, because I’m damn sure not crying right now. Oh hell no! I’m laughing as I watch the lawyer of the man they voted for going to jail for helping that son of a bitch rig the election. I’m laughing as the truth comes out about the porn stars he paid off before the election. I’m fucking rejoicing now as that all comes to light. I won’t drink any tears they shed, but I will damn sure enjoy giving them buckets full of my righteous tears of laughter as this shit show they voted for folds up its tent. 

So to each and every sorry ass deplorable who drank and enjoyed the many tears of despair some were shedding, buckle your ass up because this Bitch is going to repay that favor now by filling fucking buckets with the mocking tears of laughter I am shedding. What? You don’t like those kind tears? You only want to drink despair? Well too bad because I’m not shedding those kind of tears. I’m not feeding you despair. I’m feeding you joy and mocking laughter as I see the clay footed God you chose to worship being brought down. 

I’m going to continue joyously shedding tears of mocking laughter as the clay footed God they chose to worship is brought down. I’m going to be doing a happy dance every day, probably at least 2 or 3 times a day as that false porn star loving God comes tumbling down. So, to all those who love “Drinking Liberal Tears”, suck up the buckets full of tears this Independent with Liberal leanings is shedding right now.  Bring your Yeti mug if you didn’t shoot it, and fill it full! Drink! Drink! Suck those beautiful tears of laughter down. And try not to choke as you do so. Oh yeah, and remember this, Karma can be a real Bitch, and so can I. 

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