We really can learn a lot from them

So many of the really important things I have learned in life have come from studying primitive tribes, and from being fortunate enough to interact with people belonging to the oldest living culture on this planet, while I was in Australia.  Studying and interacting with them taught me just how smart those people are.  For instance, you drop a white dude in the middle of the western Australian desert with nothing but the clothes on his back, he won't last more a few days at the most.  The aborigines however, with little to no clothing, thrive in that vast "wasteland".  That's because they didn't, and still don't, consider it a wasteland.  To them, it's home.   Given the fact half the time I can't find my car keys or iPhone in my own tiny home, I am always amazed they can find an emu egg full of water, years after burying it, in a land that is nothing but constantly shifting red sand dunes.  I have nothing but respect for a people whose memory and sense of direction is THAT damn good. 

I learned first hand that bugs and stuff that make us go, "Oh YUCK!", they consider delicacies.  Seriously, most "primitive tribes" eat stuff that would make you gag, then go to your knees puking.  In fact, they will pretty much eat anything that is nutritious, and doesn't eat them first. Oddly enough, once I got over my own gag reflex, I discovered some what of the Aborigines ate, actually tasted pretty good.  Though none of it really tasted like chicken.  Not even the emu meat.  One thing this taught me is that one reason they can live in such harmony with the land, is because they take advantage of every morsel of food, and drop moisture it offers, but never take more than they need to survive.  They do not ever deplete ANY one food source to the point that food source becomes endangered. 

This is going to piss a lot of Christians off, but I also found the Australian Aborigines to be far more spiritually advanced than any Christian I had ever met.  My views have not changed concerning that issue.  Some of their elders hold the power of life and death in their hands so strongly, they can point a bone at a person and whether they believe in that power or not, the person will die.  At times, with an autopsy showing no true cause of death.  Yet, they are extremely conscientious about using that power.  They will use it only in the case of rape, and/or murder.  In their society, that type of thing rarely ever happened, until the white men came to their land.  After that, there wasn't enough elders, or bones, to stop the tide of murdering raping white men that overwhelmed them. 

The aboriginals of Australia also have this totally awesome spiritual thing they do called going "Walkabout".   One of the things that most annoyed the white settlers trying to "civilize" them, was the fact they were prone to suddenly taking really really LONG walks.  I mean like long walks that can last days, weeks, months, even years.  To go Walkabout is a very spiritual experience for an Australian Aborigine.  It is something that is a big part of their way of life.  It is the act of walking away from everything, in order to discover yourself, your true place in the tribe, and the world.  Long before Moses was said to wander alone in the desert, Australian Aborigines were wandering alone in their deserts, and beyond, on amazing spiritual journeys.  

We so called "civilized" human beings can a learn a lot from the Australian Aborigines, the Native Americans, and other "primitive" tribes.  The one thing we most need to learn from them is the one thing they all have in common.  That one thing is a very deep physical and spiritual connection to Mother Earth. If we don't, it is really going to be the death of us. 

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